In light of the governments wise decision to move the UK to lockdown, we will continue to support the IT needs of the people of Dunfermline and West Fife. 

Key Workers

In his statement on Monday evening, the Prime Minister stated that key workers were to continue doing what they do. While he identified that technology shops had to close, the government have said that all IT and infrastructure services had to continue. We have no shop. Repairs are carried out in a workshop and there is minimal customer interaction.

Home workers and school children

Those that can are working from home. School children are distance learning supported by a range of technologies such as Glow and Microsoft Teams. They need support and we will continue to support them.


We will offer over the phone support and can also remotely access your machine with your permission to solve problems. Note that your machine must be in a position where by it works enough to allow it to connect to the internet. 

We are also prepared to undertake a small number of repairs on a collection basis and the procedure is as follows:

  • Payment will be by PayPal, Bank Transfer or over the phone by credit / debit card.
  • A time will be agreed for collection and the device will be placed on your doorstep with the door firmly closed when I call to say I am there. I will collect the device and return it with the same process being used. This will ensure that social distancing rules remain in place. 
  • Full payment must be made before the device is returned.

Contact Us

Repairs can be booked in by telephone (01383 305605), email (, Facebook ( or the Contact Us section on this website (Click Here)

All repairs must be booked in. Please do not turn up with them as you will be turned away. This is for our safety as well as yours.