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 A slow and unresponsive computer is never pleasant. Call or send us a message and let us bring it back to life with out computer health check and computer tune up service.

Computer Heath Check Dunfermline


Windows Update

It's vitally important that you let your Windows computer run the updates provided via Windows Update. A computer health check and computer tune up will make sure your machine is running the latest windows updates.

Malware and Viruses

Malware is a real problem and so it is essential that you get your machine cleaned if you suspect it is infected with malware. Our computer health check service is designed to clear it out (note that sometimes deep rooted malware cannot be removed and an operating system re-install is required to ensure it is completely removed). Once cleared we will run a computer tune up on your machine to make sure it is working efficiently. 

Overheating Laptop

Does your laptop feel hot to touch? An overheating laptop will do long term damage to itself. At Duloch Computers we will replace the fan if required, clean any fluff that has built up, and replace the thermal paste that sits between the processor and the heatsink.

Our computer health check and computer tune up service can repair overheating issues.


Has your machine clogged itself up with software that you no longer (or never have) used before?  

Hand it in and we will go through and tidy it all up for you. Our computer health check and computer tune up service will remove any digital junk and we will carry out a virus removal if we find any. Duloch Computers serving Fife and Edinburgh from out base in Dunfermline.

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