Virus and Malware Removal


Virus removal and malware removal keeps your machine clean and safe to use.

Virus Removal and Malware Removal


Virus removal by duloch computers, dunfermline, fife

Virus Removal Dunfermline - An infected computer is a dangerous thing. If you don't keep your antivirus software up to date then infections can easily get in. Even if you have one installed that is up to date, viruses and malware can get in. Let us remove the virus and give you back a clean machine.

Malware removal by duloch computers, dunfermline, fife

Malware Removal Dunfermline - Malware is a major problem and is installed by visiting a compromised (hacked) website, running infected programs or opening infected emails. Malware needs to be removed urgently.  We can do it - get in touch using the form below and let us clean your machine.

Sometimes they get in too deep

Sometimes we can't remove a virus. In those cases we would always recommend a complete system re-format. You can find out more about that service by clicking here. This is a guaranteed way to ensure your machine is completely clean. If you don't have antivirus software, we will install a trial version of ESET antivirus - the best on the market.

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Virus Removal dunfermline

Let us remove those virus and malware issues. Visit by appointment only.  Please click DROP US A LINE below and fill in the form.

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